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Expanding Hose

Expanding Hose

The Lazee Camper is a leading supplier of expanding hose, offering fully loaded kits and accessories from: Flat hose, round hose, and all connectors and fittings. All of our expanding mains water hose products are food grade certified for drinkable fresh water.
£28.49 GBP
Mega Bundle for X-Hose, Stretch Hose, Expanding Hose - Full Accessory Pack
Accessories for Xhose, Expanding Hose, Stretch Hose. The high-pressure Water Jet for those hard-to-reach places, which is great for washing...
£5.49 GBP
X-Hose Adaptor
The X-Hose adaptor makes connecting your X-Hose to your garden tap a breeze with this simple adaptor. Reduces leaking with...
£15.99 GBP
Mains Water FLAT Autofill Adaptor Kit for Aqua Roll, Roly Poly, Waterhog & more
This caravan and motorhome universal kit is set up in the correct position so that all you have to do...

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