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Connectors & Fittings

Connectors & Fittings

£7.99 GBP
Blue Female Repair Connectors/ Joiner Parts for XHose, Expanding Hose & More
The expandable hose is different from the conventional hose as it is light weight. Although expandable hoses are overall better,...
£5.49 GBP
Replacement Water Cap for 51 Litre Water Hog Tank Container - 96mm D
New spare cap for Water Hog container. • 96mm in diameter (please check before purchasing) • Can come with pre-drilled...
£4.75 GBP
Expanding Hose Type Direct Connector Joiner
Replacement hose end to fit expanding hose, XHose, and all other universal expanding hoses. What's Included: • 1 x Hose...
£12.99 GBP
Autofill Mains Water Adaptor Valve for Use With Aqua Roll/ Poly Roll & More - w/ FREE Tap Adaptor
The valve can deal with pressures of up to 60psi and keeps a permanent 20 litres in your aquaroll container....
£8.99 GBP
XHose On/Off Valve With End Connector
These connectors are a must-have to use in connection with the XHose and other expandable hoses.   What's Included: • XHose...
£4.75 GBP
Expanding Hose Type Direct Connector Joiner - Green
Replacement hose end to fit expanding hose, XHose, and all other universal expanding type hoses. What's Included: • 1 x...
£16.99 GBP
Empty Small Reel Suitable for 10 Metre FLAT Food Grade Hose - Size 28cm x 4cm
NEW Make it easy to store your food grade hose with this reel that compresses your hose. • Only 11...
£9.99 GBP
Turbo Hose Nozzle High Pressure Sprayer - Powerful & Durable
Fine Mist to Jet Wash, the last garden hose nozzle you'll ever need. Unlike most garden hose nozzles which break...
£8.99 GBP
2 x On/Off Water Valve Adaptor for Expanding Stretch Hose X-hose
2 x On/Off Water Valve Adaptor for Expanding Hose, Stretch Hose, and X-hose. What's Included: • 2 On/Off Water Valve...
£2.35 GBP
2-Way Garden Hose Connector Quick Joiner - Male-to-Male 1/2 Inch
New 1/2 inch, 2-way, male-to-male hose-pipe adapter used to connect 2 hose-pipes together. What's Included: • 1 half-inch hose adapter...
£9.95 GBP
Double Waste Water Outlet Pipe Adapter for Waste Hog/ Master
Double waste water connector for your waste container. • Easy to clean and store • Compatible with inside diameter 28.5mm...
£5.99 GBP
Spare Connectors for X-Hose/ Magic/ Expanding/ Stretch Hose
A pair of X-Hose type male and female threaded connectors.   These will fit the X-Hose and other similar expandable...
£9.99 GBP
Caravan & Motorhome LED 12 Volt Bulbs g4 2835SMD 12V AC/DC 1.5W Dimmable - Brilliant White
BUY 2 PACKS, GET 2 BULBS FREE (10 bulbs total)   After searching for the perfect LED bulb to fit...
£8.49 GBP
XHose Magic Hose Expanding Hose Stretch Hose Spare Connectors
These male and female type connectors will fit XHose and all other expanding type hose. • Transform the screw head...
£4.89 GBP
Replacement Screw-On Cap Seal for Waste Master and Aqua Roll
Spare screw-on cap with new seal to fit Waste Master and Aqua Roll • Is available with hole pre-drilled. Please...

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